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Welcome to my website.

In common with many photographers my pictures vanished from the internet when Fotopic ceased trading.

In addition to new material, this site contains old collections that have been transferred from Fotopic. Collections that have been transferred may have no captions or be out of order. There is no need to tell me about this. I am working through all the collections as time permits.

If you need a picture please contact me at

As at 14 June 2014 the site has had 4499308 hits.

There are currently 12054 photos on this site, which represents about 44.5 GB of images.

Pictures are reduced in size for internet display. Masters are typically 15 - 35 MB each in TIF format. All photos on this site carry invisible digital copyright data within the pixels in addition to the copyright overprinting.

Following initial testing the website first opened for viewing on 17 November 2011.

From 17 November to 31 December 2011 the site had 268112 hits.

From 1 January to 31 December 2012 the site had 1993623 hits.

From 1 January to 31 December 2013 the site had 1633565 hits.

On 22 September 2012 the total number of photo hits reached 2 million.

On 18 May 2013 the total number of photo hits reached 3 million.

On 12 March 2014 the total number of photo hits reached 4 million.

The highest individual days to date are 12 April 2013, when there were 69946 hits; and 23 and 25 January 2012, when there were 47959 and 47580 hits respectively.